Tournament rules

> Tournament rules

The following tournament rules are used during the TopParken Tournament U14. These can also be found in the tournament guide.


1. The matches are played in accordance with the KNVB regulations.

2. The players who are eligible to participate in the 26th TopParken Tournament U14 2022 must have been born in 2008 or after. The following applies to the players of VV Lunteren: being born in 2007 or after.

3. Before the start of the tournament, each team is obliged to provide the organization with a list of players including first name, last name and date of birth.

4. The leaders of the participating teams must be able to hand over the player passes, upon request by the tournament management.

5. In the preliminary rounds, 3 groups of 4 teams will be played, these will play a semi-competition, after which the games will be played as stated in the tournament guide.

6. All matches last 2 x 20 minutes, with 2 minutes of rest. Injury time up to 2 minutes only given after the 2nd half of the game.

7. The numbers 1 and 2 of each group and the two best numbers 3 play for the 1st to 8th place. The numbers 4 of each group and the other numbers 3 play in a semi-competition for the 9th to 12th place.

8. The 1/4 final will not be played against a team from your own group. If this nevertheless appears to happen from the schedule, then the race management decides.

9. If two or more teams in the preliminary rounds and in the final standings for 9th to 12th place have an equal number of points, the ranking will be determined on the basis of successively:
a. The goal difference
b. Most goals for
c. The result of the mutual competition
d. Penalty kicks to be taken (see point 10)

10. In the case of penalty kicks (see point 9d), five different players from both teams take one penalty kick alternately at a specially arranged spot in the sports park. If there is still no decision, then two penalty kicks are taken, alternately by one of the remaining players of both teams until a winner emerges.

11. If a match ends in a draw after the preliminaries, penalties will be taken immediately after the match as described in point 10.

12. Substitution of players:
– During the match, each team may change up to five players
– Substitutions are allowed during the match (maximum three times) and
during the rest.

13. If the final ends in a draw, penalties will be taken immediately afterwards as indicated in point 10.

14. There will be a toss by the referee before every match.

15. All matches will be led by an arbitral trio.

16. Each team is obliged to bring spare shirts of a clearly different color. In the event of a tie, the first named team in the match schedule will wear the reserve shirts.

17. A player who is sent off during one of the matches (2x yellow or immediately red) is suspended for the next match, unless the tournament committee decides otherwise. No appeal is possible against the imposed sentence.

18. The participating associations will be held liable for the damage incurred with regard to damage to buildings, billboards, plants or other possessions of VV Lunteren, caused by players of one of the associations.

19. Football Association Lunteren and the tournament organization are not liable for the loss and/or theft of money and property.

20. In cases not provided for in these regulations, the tournament committee decides. There is no appeal against this.

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